The Northeastern University Chess Club

Boston, MA
27 fev 2022
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Prove you have the best chess club in the world and compete for epic prizes by rallying your friends to VOTE for Northeastern. Voting starts tomorrow.. Head to our Challonge bracket and cast your vote at The winning ambassadors will be crowned the ultimate college champions and receive a prize fit for royalty. All rules and prizes at:
Feb 24, 2023
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Northeastern's First Summer Arena! DIAMOND PRIZES?

Northeastern's First Summer Arena! DIAMOND PRIZES?

bkchess | 4 iyn 2022
Hey everyone, hope you're all having a great summer! We're hosting Northeastern's first blitz arena in an hour:, join us for some fun unrated 3|0, 1pm - 2pm EST! We also have 3 diamond memberships as prizes, including 2 for our top 2 finishers and 1 for a random participant so stop by and play! Super low stakes, let's improve and have some fun!  Join the tournament here!