The Super Fun Club

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18 mar 2019
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Now, don't think this is just a regular club!

It is a SUPER FUN one!!!

This is a great club if you want to play chess, while having fun! You can talk all you want, about anything you want, but don't be rude!


The club is still pretty new, but trust me, it is pretty fun! Here are just a few things of the things we are having:

  1. A World Cup in chess. A "World Cup" where we verse off against each other, two people play with each other and the winner moves on to quarter-finals, semi-finals, then to finals, and the final winner will be showered with praise and trophies!
  2. Variants! I am planning on hosting fun tournaments such as king of the hill, chess 960, crazyhouse, 3-check, and maybe even Bughouse! There are also 10 second chess championships!
  3. Forum Games! We have fun social deduction games, like Town of Salem, and Mafia! We also have games like RPS, Harry “Potato” Potter Trivia Championship, and finally, a game called “Spot the Pawn” which tests your vision on the chess board! Links to the games are down below.

But to access those links, you have to join the club! So join today!

  1. Tournaments and Arenas! When you join them, you will get trophies if you play at least one game! If you skillfully or luckily get from 1st to 5th place, you get over 20 trophies! If you score in the first 3 places, you will win a membership! Luckily for you, a Weekly 24 hour arena with trophy and membership prizes is happening right now! It’s the perfect mixture of fun, learning, and MONEY!
  2. MOTM! MOTM, short for Member of the Month, is the best member in the club! He/She will be promoted to admin! Also, if you do a good job as an admin, you will be AOTM and might be promoted to Super Admin!
  3. Trophies! We had just hit 1000 members, and now, there is a forum for free trophies! Join now to gain free trophies!
  4. King Hunt! At each time control, there will be a "king". The "king" is supposedly the best at the time control. Challenge him to take him down and gain more trophies! Link down below.

We will also occasionally have articles coming out to make you a better chess player!

Member Reviews:

I love TSFC so much! It is the most unique and fun club on, they always have fun discussions in the notes and awesome games going on in the forums. They are a very active club and the admin team is filled with nice, active people who are always working hard to make the club amazing, and it is one of my favorite clubs on! I am honored to be an admin here, this club is so awesome and now that we have 1000 members, we will have even more people to participate in all the fun! Woohoo!! 

-DJM, July AOTM (Admin of the Month)


So what are you waiting for? Join now by pressing that orange button called join! It’s quick and easy!