Знайдзіце шахматнага трэнера, які зможа дапамагчы Вам палепшыць узровень гульні. Лепшыя шахматысты, пералічаныя тут, гатовы стаць Вашымі настаўнікамі. Звяжыцеся з шахматным трэнерам сёння.

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James Coleman
FIDE Рэйтынг 2207
London, Англія

Hi! I'm James Coleman from England, now 41 years old - ( so way past my prime  ) - and I've been playing chess since I was 7 years old.    I've competed in many international tournaments around the world and experienced all the highs and lows that go...

Цяпер онлайн
Justus Williams
New York, Злучаныя Штаты Амерыкі

Hello Everyone! My name is Justus Williams and I'm currently attending Webster University, studying under the internationally acclaimed Susan Polgar. Her program, SPICE, at Webster University is the strongest in the nation and has won 5 national championships...

Цяпер онлайн
Andres Guerrero
FIDE Рэйтынг 2321
Valencia, Венесуэла

Hola! Gracias por tomarte un minuto para ver mi perfil! Soy FM y Coach Profesional. Me enfoco en los ajedrecistas que se sienten atrapados entre los 1100/1900 de Elo, ayudándolos a obtener rápidos progresos. En los últimos años me he especializado en...

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AKA aww-rats
FIDE Рэйтынг 2220
Las Vegas, NV, Злучаныя Штаты Амерыкі

Full time Professional Chess Coach   Top selling coach on chess.com for 4+ years. They stopped recording this in March 2013 when I outsold all coaches on this site first 10 months of activity to move up to number 4 overall. I now teach chess 70 hours...

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Ronald Brizuela
FIDE Рэйтынг 2417
Maracay, Венесуэла

          ¡Hola a todos! Mi nombre es Ronald Brizuela soy MF Maestro Fide tengo 24 años de edad practico esta disciplina desde los doce años, estoy dedicado exclusivamente al mundo del ajedrez y actualmente soy el numero 5 de mi país. Por el momento,...

Онлайн 13 хвілін таму
Alexander Battey
FIDE Рэйтынг 2344
Washington, D.C., Злучаныя Штаты Амерыкі

Lessons are based on game analysis, opening repertoire development, review and analysis of key positional themes and concepts, and endgames. Additionally, should you want to cover a specific opening / theme / topic, I am more than happy to.   I have taught...

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Eric Rosen
USCF Рэйтынг 2450
St. Louis, Злучаныя Штаты Амерыкі

My name is Eric Rosen and I am an International Master residing in St. Louis, MO. I attend Webster University and compete for the Webster University Chess Team. As a member of the team, I am coached by former Women's World Champion, Susan Polgar, and...

Онлайн 18 хвілін таму
Jack Rodgers
FIDE Рэйтынг 2040
https://www.twitch.tv/jackrodgerschess, Аўстралія

Follow me on Twitch for the newest chess content!   Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/jackrodgerschess   Hello, my name is Jack Rodgers and I am an expert chess player and coach from Sydney Australia. I have a 2000 FIDE rating and have three years experience...

Цяпер онлайн
Zdenko Stupavsky
FIDE Рэйтынг 2402
Ho Chi Minh City, В’етнам

Are you stagnating? Are you tired of losing games? Getting sick of clicking on the "Resign" button on this platform? If you want to change that then you have come to the right place! I can provide you with a service of high quality for a reasonable price....

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Kevin Davidson
USCF Рэйтынг 2298
Злучаныя Штаты Амерыкі

Hello!  My name is Kevin Davidson and I am a National Master with a current USCF rating of 2298.  I have eight years of volunteer and professional teaching experience, and I enjoy working with students of all ages.  I'm here for you and will do my best...

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Lukajic Bojan
FIDE Рэйтынг 2200
Novi Sad, Сербія

Chess Master, achieved international rating over 2200. Over the years I traveled a lot, played home and abroad, met many, created friendships. A few photos with Svidler, No 8. in the world...I offer coach services online, for 10 dollars per hour, discount...

Онлайн 22 хвіліны таму
Ontario, Канада

Онлайн 25 хвілін таму
Krasimir Rusev
FIDE Рэйтынг 2569
Kazanlak, Балгарыя

I am GM Krasimir Rusev, professional chess player and trainer.Member of the Bulgarian National  Chess Team.Winner of many strong  chess tournaments around the world. I graduated from the National Sports Academy in Bulgaria with a Bachelor’s degree in...

Онлайн 28 хвілін таму
Nikolay Milchev
FIDE Рэйтынг 2417
Stoke on Trent, Англія

      I am an International master since 2009 with peak rating 2469.I am a former Bulgarian junior champion under 16 and 18,vice-european champion under 16, Novy Sad/Serbia  (bliti section)Winner of many strong  chess tournaments around the world. I...

Онлайн 30 хвілін таму
Joel Johnson
USCF Рэйтынг 2300
Phoenix, Arizona, Злучаныя Штаты Амерыкі

Joel Johnson, unlike nearly all other chess masters, started playing tournament chess at the advanced age of 17. But it did not take long before success struck, in just his third chess tourney, Joel won the 1972 Merrimack Valley High Chess Championship...

Онлайн 32 хвіліны таму
Miodrag Perunovic
FIDE Рэйтынг 2436
Nis, Сербія

Successful FST (Fide Senior Trainer-Officially highest world ranking for coaches) and current Serbian Men's Head Captain and Coach. Coached more than 600 students worldwide, Chessbrah GM Eric Hansen (Canada), World Junior champion GM Alex Ipatov (Turkey),...

Онлайн 36 хвілін таму
John Bartholomew
USCF Рэйтынг 2548
Minneapolis, MN, Злучаныя Штаты Амерыкі

Hey, Chess.com users! I'm John. International Master, FIDE 2448, USCF 2530 (September 2016). I'm a 30 year-old professional chess coach currently working toward my GM (Grandmaster) title. Follow my blog here on Chess.com, and feel free to check out my...

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Dalton Perrine
FIDE Рэйтынг 2308
Orlando, FL, Злучаныя Штаты Амерыкі

Want to improve your game? Raise your rating? Become a MASTER? Some of the most affordable prices online for personalized online chess coaching to take your game to the NEXT LEVEL!------------------------------------------------------------------I am...

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Colin Stapczynski
FIDE Рэйтынг 1989
Phoenix, Злучаныя Штаты Амерыкі

Hello!  I am a Chess.com partner Twitch streamer and coach.  I am a co-host on The Chess Couch, which you can find here:    https://www.twitch.tv/thechesscouch   I have been a Chess instructor for over 15 years and have worked with thousands of students...

Онлайн 52 хвіліны таму
Axel Muller
USCF Рэйтынг 2245
Pasadena, CA, Злучаныя Штаты Амерыкі

Hi,  My name is Axel Müller, I'm 43 years old. A friend taught me how to play chess in kindergarten and I have been passionate about chess ever since.  When I moved to California in 2007 I had a little break from competitive chess. My first rating when...

Онлайн 53 хвіліны таму
Alberto Chueca
FIDE Рэйтынг 2300
Zaragoza, Spain, Іспанія

Hi! I'm Alberto Chueca, FIDE Master, chess coach and founder of www.albertochueca.com. I've got many years coaching mainly children where some of them are representing their countries (United States, India...) and are in the top 15 of the World of their...

Онлайн 56 хвілін таму
Louie Jiang
FIDE Рэйтынг 2326
Montreal, Канада

I love chess and have been playing it for the last 18 years, progressing through the ranks with a self-taught system focusing on tactical calculation.   I have been teaching for 4 years now and have worked with the local Echecs et Maths organization...

Онлайн 1 гадзіну таму
Andrey Gutov
FIDE Рэйтынг 2501
Belovo, Расія

I am an international grandmaster. World Champion 2017 for amateurs under 2400: https://amateurchess.com/aco-world-amateur-chess-championship-kos-2017/One lesson is 28$ per hour (PayPal, MoneyGram, Western Union). I give chess lessons by Skype in English...

Онлайн 1 гадзіну таму
Michel Coto
FIDE Рэйтынг 2345
Artemisa, Куба

(Spanish/English/French) FM since 2009. In 2013 I got the Electronic Engineer Title and since then, I have been teaching chess and playing official tournaments. Personal Blog https://www.chess.com/blog/michel2426 . Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvwMigKfmZxEJN0raY6FYSQ?view_as=public....

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Valeri Lilov
FIDE Рэйтынг 2438
Varna, Балгарыя

I am a 27-year-old International Master and professional chess coach. My FIDE rating is 2438 (Classical) and 2515 (Online). In addition to giving high quality private lessons, I work as a professional lecturer for many popular sites, including Chess.com,...