1 day per move club

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১২ অক্টো, ২০১৯
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Welcome to the 1 day per move club!

Wanna play without opponents taking so much time that you forget your analysis and why you did your last move? 1DPM club is the solution !

We are reinforcing all the lines of play at all levels of our Club and you were chosen, we hope you will join our team! We play all our Friendly matches on 1 day per move base. We play in different rating ranges, so you will meet a lot of opponents with ratings close to your own. We also play internal tournaments with customised Trophies. This in regular chess but also in Chess 960.
Above on that we participate in various Leagues: e.g. One World, TMCL, TCMAC, KOTML. In those Leagues we play matches on 1, 2, and 3 days per move. So there is a good mix for those who can or will not play every day. 

The only thing we ask is that you play at least once in every 3 months and you don't time out on your games as that is not only annoying for yourself but also for your teammates. We check on this! Members that don't meet up to this will be removed from our team!

Tell me, what are you waiting for, just click the join-button, you are more then welcome, we are waiting for you with open doors!

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We are rising on the Chess Leaderboard for clubs

Some Results we booked recently:

  • Gold Trophy in U2000 24+ Tour of One World League
  • Gold Trophy of the Phoenix Tournament at TCMAC (First winner ever!) 
  • Silver Medal open12 One World League
  • Silver Trophy in Battle of the Legions at TCMAC
  • Bronze Medal in the U1500 10+ of One World League
  • Six Trophies in the Warmup 2022-2023 League of One World