Chess Players of African-Descent

৫০৭ জন সদস্য
১৯ মে, ২০০৯
৭৯৯ Events Played

This is a group for players of African Descent!  We work constantly to embody a sense of community that exist in the, "e" and in the "real" worlds!  We wish to influence and dominate how chess receives love and respect as a sport, art, and industry around the globe.  We are openly committed and expect to be judged by our service to excellence as players, coaches, tournament directors, organizers, sponsors, theorist, analyst, and enthusiast on and off line!  We will share our excellence with all Black peoples in an attempt to inspire increased Intellectual Cultural Self Esteem, Cultural and Diasporic Codes of Conduct, Entrepreneurial Achievement, and Global Group Economics!   We teach through forums, news, vote chess, social media and club sites!   This site will remain appropriate for all ages as we focus on the vision not the pain of Black people's existence on this planet!!  If you share our vision and would like to become, or aid us, in creating total chess personalities, we humbly invite you to join our group!