Imperial Falconian First Army
Citizens of Falconia! The rebellion has been put down; the legions of Rome have crushed you. But, fear not for this is not the end for you. No, think of it as a new beginning! Before the Emperor will allow you to move forward you must make amends for the past! War is a costly thing, and a debt must be paid. The balance is to be paid with BLOOD! Your blood or the blood of the enemies of Rome the Emperor does not care which! All able bodied persons shall register for the Army. This army shall from this day forth be known as the Imperial First Falconian Army! You shall be flung at the enemies of Rome like arrows shot out from a bow! A record of your deeds shall be kept in the Temple Of Mars. For the individual that does their duty and sheds blood for the Emperor a tally mark shall be placed by your name. When you have one hundred tallies, you shall be offered a place in the 13th Legion and by continued loyalty obtain for yourself and your kin Roman citizenship!
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