Apr 27, 2021
Wil there be a tournament at Pub if yes send me the details
Apr 27, 2021
Hi everyone
Apr 3, 2021
Hey everyone, who is up for an online tournament?
Hi guys. Matt here. Poor at playing chess but interested to learn more and connect with new people; thought the concept of chess and beer would suit me 😅
Feb 21, 2020
hi guys
May 2020 Updates and Announcements

May 2020 Updates and Announcements

PubXChess | ২৭ মে, ২০২০
Dear PubXChess Fans, It has been awhile since we last organized chess. We were really hoping that Covid would “miraculously disappear by April” (as Trump eloquently predicted). However, it is quite evident that life will not revert to normalcy at any time soon – We still have phase 1 of post Circuit breaker to go through, and goodness knows how long that will last (Phase 1, in a nut shell, means no organizing OTB events yet). Similar to chess, we have to evolve and adapt our gameplay in a...