The Prodigies Of Chess

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Welcome to... The Prodigies Of Chess!




@Gorilla-Guy (head Co-Owner)

@Jokerstein - @Nicholas_bize - @Scemer - @Caleb341 - @ThatDevilCat.

We are the ultimate club for chess enthusiasts looking to hone their skills and dominate the competition. Our club is a haven for aspiring chess players of all levels, from beginners just learning the basics to seasoned grandmasters looking to up their game. 

We offer a range of activities and resources to help members improve their tactics, strategy, and overall game-play...

  • Join a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about chess!
  • Gain access to exclusive training materials and resources to help you improve your game!
  • Participate in weekly tournaments and challenges to test your skills and track your progress!
  • Receive personalized feedback and guidance from experienced mentors and coaches!
  • Connect with top players in the field and learn from their insights and strategies!
  • Build lasting friendships and connections with fellow chess enthusiasts who share your love for the game!
  • Be a part of the CVC Community! Get arenas, not just often, but every day!

We are also a part of The Chess Federation of Clubs.

Thanks Caleb for creating the description!