Computer Workout (Key Positions)

All good chess players know how to recognize key patterns and positions that occur in their games. The Computer Workout tool helps you improve your knowledge of key positions by setting you up to play these key positions against the computer!


Or, select specific themes and positions below!

Focus on improving different areas of your chess game by selecting a category, theme, and key problem. If you are stuck, ask for a hint from the computer!

PositionDifficultyAttemptsStart Workout
Two Rook Mate Beginner (< 1200) 122,198 Premium Only
Wrong-Color Bishop And Rook Pawn Draw Beginner (< 1200) 25,705 Premium Only
Advanced Passed Pawn Intermediate (1400-1800) 29,054 Premium Only
An Extra Piece In The Opening Intermediate (1400-1800) 8,271 Premium Only
Attack Like Morphy Intermediate (1400-1800) 10,967 Premium Only
Attacking Like Lasker Intermediate (1400-1800) 30,930 Premium Only
Bahr's Rule: A Typical Win Intermediate (1400-1800) 9,261 Premium Only
Bahr's Rule: A Typical Draw Intermediate (1400-1800) 9,269 Premium Only
Bishop And Knight vs Rook And Pawn Intermediate (1400-1800) 8,906 Premium Only
Bishop vs Knight: Down A Pawn Intermediate (1400-1800) 13,568 Premium Only
Bishop-Pawn On The Seventh vs Queen Intermediate (1400-1800) 6,209 Premium Only
Clearance: Then Convert Intermediate (1400-1800) 11,828 Premium Only
Converting An Extra Bishop: Benoni Position Intermediate (1400-1800) 13,573 Premium Only
Development Intermediate (1400-1800) 22,363 Premium Only
Extra Bishop And Knight: Sicilian Dragon Intermediate (1400-1800) 5,573 Premium Only
Extra Bishop vs Extra Pawn Intermediate (1400-1800) 11,592 Premium Only
Extra Rook vs A Strong Center Intermediate (1400-1800) 8,206 Premium Only
Good Knight vs Bad Bishop: Middlegame Intermediate (1400-1800) 8,965 Premium Only
Grushevsky versus Bykov Intermediate (1400-1800) 8,547 Premium Only
King And Pawn Endgame: Generating An Outside Passed Pawn Intermediate (1400-1800) 9,095 Premium Only
King And Pawn Endgame: Creating Zugzwang Intermediate (1400-1800) 12,397 Premium Only
King And Pawn Endgame: Triangulation Intermediate (1400-1800) 11,630 Premium Only
King And Pawn Endgame: Shouldering Intermediate (1400-1800) 12,254 Premium Only
King And Pawn vs King And Pawn: Invading Intermediate (1400-1800) 8,079 Premium Only
King And Pawns: Active King Intermediate (1400-1800) 42,469 Premium Only
King And Pawns: An Extra Potential Passed Pawns Intermediate (1400-1800) 9,641 Premium Only
King And Two Pawns vs King And One Pawn Intermediate (1400-1800) 13,311 Premium Only
Knight And Pawn vs Knight And Pawn Intermediate (1400-1800) 17,590 Premium Only
Knight Endgame: Space Advantage Intermediate (1400-1800) 15,978 Premium Only
Knight Endgame: Two Extra Pawns Intermediate (1400-1800) 8,755 Premium Only
Knight Ending: Symmetrical Pawns Intermediate (1400-1800) 8,637 Premium Only
Knight vs Extra Pawn Intermediate (1400-1800) 10,378 Premium Only
Knight, Extra Pawn vs Bishop Intermediate (1400-1800) 6,665 Premium Only
Lucena Position: Cutting Off The King Intermediate (1400-1800) 30,430 Premium Only
Morozevich vs Smeets Intermediate (1400-1800) 10,964 Premium Only
N Ending Down to the Last Pawn Intermediate (1400-1800) 6,935 Premium Only
N Ending: Majorities Intermediate (1400-1800) 7,495 Premium Only
N Ending: Majorities II Intermediate (1400-1800) 5,865 Premium Only
Open Files: Invasion Intermediate (1400-1800) 10,710 Premium Only
Opposite-Colored Bishops: Drawing Technique Intermediate (1400-1800) 13,249 Premium Only
Outflanking And The Opposition Intermediate (1400-1800) 17,502 Premium Only
Promoting With Knight Vs Bishop Intermediate (1400-1800) 12,685 Premium Only
Queen Endgame: Two Extra Pawns Intermediate (1400-1800) 9,469 Premium Only
Queen Ending Intermediate (1400-1800) 7,239 Premium Only
Queen vs Bishop Pair Intermediate (1400-1800) 9,682 Premium Only
Queen vs Bishop And Knight With Pawns Intermediate (1400-1800) 6,221 Premium Only
Queen vs Minor Piece: QGD Intermediate (1400-1800) 5,146 Premium Only
Queen vs Rook: Middlegame Intermediate (1400-1800) 7,015 Premium Only
Queen vs Rook: Philidor's Position Intermediate (1400-1800) 24,115 Premium Only
R Ending: Exchange QGD Intermediate (1400-1800) 6,405 Premium Only