Computer Workout (Key Positions)

All good chess players know how to recognize key patterns and positions that occur in their games. The Computer Workout tool helps you improve your knowledge of key positions by setting you up to play these key positions against the computer!


Or, select specific themes and positions below!

Focus on improving different areas of your chess game by selecting a category, theme, and key problem. If you are stuck, ask for a hint from the computer!

PositionDifficultyAttemptsStart Workout
Rook v. Bishop: Catalan Advanced (1800+) 4,899 Premium Only
Rook vs Bishop: A Typical Win Advanced (1800+) 10,977 Premium Only
Rook vs Knight: A Typical Win Advanced (1800+) 11,216 Premium Only
Rook vs. Terrific Knight Advanced (1800+) 5,158 Premium Only
RR v. RB down a Pawn Advanced (1800+) 6,625 Premium Only
RR v. RN down a pawn Advanced (1800+) 6,097 Premium Only
Same B Ending up a Pawn Advanced (1800+) 5,153 Premium Only
Sicilian King-in-Center Theme1 Advanced (1800+) 4,922 Premium Only
Sicilian King-in-Center Theme2 Advanced (1800+) 5,449 Premium Only
Strange Queen Placement Advanced (1800+) 7,593 Premium Only
Three Minor Pieces vs Queen Advanced (1800+) 9,221 Premium Only
Two Bishops vs Knight Advanced (1800+) 8,282 Premium Only
Two Knight vs Pawn (Advanced) Advanced (1800+) 10,091 Premium Only
Two Knights vs Pawn Advanced (1800+) 16,110 Premium Only
Two Pawns up: French Def Advanced (1800+) 5,823 Premium Only
Two Rooks vs Queen With Pawns Advanced (1800+) 10,792 Premium Only
Two Rooks> Queen II Advanced (1800+) 5,171 Premium Only
Weak Dark Squares Advanced (1800+) 5,249 Premium Only
Weak IQP Advanced (1800+) 4,866 Premium Only
Weak IQP Endgame Advanced (1800+) 5,189 Premium Only
Wrong-Color Bishop And Rook Pawn Win Advanced (1800+) 22,359 Premium Only