Hello there! I’m Austin, and welcome to my profile! There isn’t too much to look at here, but thanks for stopping by!

Things to know I guess: 

1: I like Chess, but only kinda.

2: I like to play Minecraft (duh)

3: Imma stop listing things with numbers because this is kinda lame. 
I like to run in races. Though I’ve only been in a few 5K’s and 4 mile runs. I got 3rd out of 13th places in my age group in the first race I ran, but that’s about where I peaked. My time was about 36 minutes, and this was a 4 mile run. (Longer than a 5K)

(My older brother got 1st by about 4 minutes.)

I also love to build legos. I’m also starting to get into Splatoon. 

“And Jesus said to them “if you wish to be My disciple, you must deny Yourself, and pick up your cross daily, and follow me.”  Luke 9:23

Old status

thru Christ, I have VICTORY