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Hi, I am a 10-year old boy whose name is ________ (Why should I tell my name?) and loves to play chess! I've once won the k-12 chess state championship in Gettysburg. It was for people rated under 1000 in USCF. trophies.png (United States Chess Federation) I love to play chess with my friends and learn new chess tricks and traps and my goal is to be over 1500 USCF rating in the next two years! wink.png I love the two knights' defense and the Sicilian and the English and the standard 1. e4 openings. So you might see me play most of those. My USCF rating is 850 because of Covid, else, it would be above 1000 at least.

If your opponent offers you a draw, think why is your opponent thinking that he/she is losing and attack in that weak spot! - @Chess_Monk1


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Best Rapid Game live.png:

Best Blitz Game (Opponent was out of mind) blitz.png:

Best Tourney Game (Rapid and also, it has some computer annotations.) tournaments.pngtrophies.png:

I DREW A IM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Proof is in red circles!

I played on play magnus for this game

both of the previous ones are from the same game