To play bullet is simple: play fast, don't blunder, win. 

yes I love bullet games and am pretty competitive at...basically everything. so feel free to challenge me if you are ready for a good fight....

warning: I am a cheap time player who loves to flag you ;P if you play against me don't complain about that, I play how I want to play. 

If 2 players both agree to play a game with certain rules and follow the rules, you are not cool to bully the ones with a playing style you don't like. Improvement comes by looking at your own mistakes.

Always be true to yourself so you can't be false to others. Play your games fair and don't blame others when you lose.

Why do you play a game made to play on time if you can't stand your opponents playing on time?

You are what you choose to be, you choose to be that sore loser: you are not cool, you are a fool.