10. mar. 2019
Sidst set online
For 2 timer siden
Siden 7. sep. 2019

Hi I'm amazing just like this playlist please watch!!!

Playlist Amazing Mrigank

Hey guys!! To leagues actually worth joining!! 

the-bullet-league (Team formation has started make your teams as well!!)

the-blitz-league (The clubs starting we're waiting for 8 teams to start 1st season)

Admin in one of the best clubs 'evergreen alliance of chess warriors' 

Don't ask me for a rematch unless you know me

except for my dearest friends I'm not playing variants like crazyhouse etc

A match higher than 6 minutes and I decline 

I'm not begging but if anyone gifted me a membership diamond.pngplatinum.pnggold.png  it would be very kind. Thanks

You should click on more!!     (It's less don't worry)

  • usually accept friend requests. (Not always)
  • Wish me on 3rd march (Refer to my username for my exact b'day!)
  •  I like live tourneys better than daily chess!
  • I moderate some clubs, if you see something unusual, you can report it to me.
  • My strategy of game play: Attack my oponnenent and don't care what he's doing (I'm a little absent minded XD)

Credit to many different people for the above points

These are my clubs (Where i'm admin please try and join)

Evergeen Alliance of chess warriors




Perfect Pawns


Why not a draw

All my friends are awesome if any of them are banned it's there fault and doesn't scare me. (Maybe a little)

All my clubs are awesome to!

The bullying thing on @sougataghoush and @shaonihiya 's page is a little to much for me so i'm not putting it on mine but I agree with them!

Test for smart people out their see if you can read what I have written underneath

Fine you are really smart. Just like me XD. Write in the notes if you saw this part of my homepage.

Could you read what's written one line above? 

Tell me in the notes. 

Check this out- A blog

I have a policy of crossing out 2 of my least active clubs. (Unless they're an HQ) So only invite me if it's an active club.

I got victory on the first try of my solo chess!!

I'm also really good at math here's a pic when I was placed 18 th in an all india math competition

That's it for now 

Signing out.