Hello, fellow chess enthusiasts! If you're here reading this, then I'd like to take a quick moment and say,⁸ "Welcome and thanks for taking the time to check out my profile!"

bit about myself. Day to day, I'm a skilled laborer/heavy equipment operator for an excavation company, but on some evenings and weekends I turn into, Sac4thewin, a wannabe GM. I became enamored with the game and have been playing now going on 4 years. I won't go so far to say that chess saved me, but it definitely has helped me through (and definitely caused lol) some dark times. I took to the game naturally with an eye for tactics,  but I had no idea it would evolve into a passion. After playing a some inumerable amount of OTB games over my first couple of years, I took a brief a brief unplanned respite from the game. In early 2020, I found and switched from playing on Facebook. Now a member for well over a year, I'm thankful for the avenues that the platform has opened up for me. I've played more chess than I would have ever dreamed I might against players all across the globe representing over 100 countries. My love and knowledge of the game continue to grow, but the bumps and bruises still keep piling up and I have much left to learn. It's my hope that I can share the beauty and cruelty of this magnificent game with as many as possible. I'm trying to gain support for my blog and YouTube chess channel (As of this update on 7-23-21, both blog and YouTube channel have been woefully neglected for some time, but feel free to check em out anyway. Hopefully you can find some joy or knowledge in it.). If you would, please take a moment to visit the blog and view one of my videos. You can get to my blog from my profile page and hit this link to find my YouTube channel: . If you happen to view and enjoy, please take a moment to like and subscribe! Thanks for the support and I welcome and appreciate any questions or feedback! I also here invite anyone who's interested and takes chess seriously *(participation is a must: minimum requirement of participation in one of the following: one club event, (i.e. inter-club tourney, live matches against other clubs, etc.) per month, theory study group, or coach/pupil pairs)* to join my club: Uniformed Chaos. (I've also long neglected my club, but thankfully, a few trusted comrades have kept things intact in my absence.)  or any of the other fine clubs I'm a member of, many of which are accepting members and count multiple titled players amongst their ranks. To anyone who's managed to read this far, thank you sincerely for your interest. Feel free to leave a note, friend request, or blog article request/ requests of a video of me playing a game with your favorite opening. I'll surely try to oblige. Hope all is well. Stay safe everyone.