15. okt. 2014
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National mester
Siden 28. nov. 2014

Hello! This is National Master Matt Slomski!

My twitch stream is here under the name "Metal Eagle"

 I enjoy teaching chess and I offer lessons at a very reasonable rate of just $20 per hour using PayPal. The reason I have lessons this affordable is because of 2 important factors.

#1 I encourage having a lesson every week and #2 I enjoy teaching and it is very fun to me for sharing my knowledge with others. happy.png

For any new student that wants to have lessons with me, I always offer a 1-hour free trial lesson to see you enjoy my lessons and want to continue having them.

Leave me a message if you would like to learn more about my teaching program and what I can offer! Smile


My absolute best student is Robert from the UK. In just 1 full year of my coaching, he went from 1500 to a full expert level player. @theenglishmuon

Here are a couple of really nice victories against strong and titled players in Standard time controls grin.png:




Great lessons! I improved at my mid- and endgame strategies a lot and I only had 2 months of training! It was a lot of fun happy.png



Great Coach! Matt identifies your playing style and the sessions with him are then designed to enhance your strengths while also working on your weaknesses. The classes are fun and Matt works with you more like a friend than a coach. happy.png



Matt, you are a great player. Your teaching skill is even more impressive. I like your way of explaining things. It's like getting as deep as possible but in a much more intuitive way rather than rote learning. Your training method is also great. Creative ideas or patterns to teach chess. There are many players who play well but expressing their thoughts can be not so clear. Matt is exceptional here. He can break down things in such a way that it makes sense. Keep this way of teaching. It helps.



I began lessons with SL0M about a month ago and have enjoyed every minute! He’s prepared for every lesson and explains everything very simply while challenging me. Our work on endgames has been very profitable. I’m excited to learn more each lesson and happy to have such a knowledgeable and kind teacher!