Endgame Fundamentals

King And Pawn vs King: Attacking King In Front 1

The first truly *must know* king and pawn ending! Master this Drill and you'll be able to win games with the smallest of advantages. Since you can't mate with a pawn, you need to promote to a queen (and we assume you've already mastered the King And Queen Mate Drill?). You need to get your pawn to e8. The opponent's king stands in your way, so you must find a way to advance the pawn, and gain control of the e8-square with your king.

King And Pawn vs King: Attacking King In Front 2

The second king and pawn ending you must master to be ready for tournament level chess! Keep the first drill in this category in mind as you attempt to promote your e-pawn. Know that it is usually correct to improve the position of your king as much as possible before pushing your pawn. If you keep you king in front of your pawn and do not allow your opponent to take the opposition, you should have no trouble winning this.

King And Two Pawns vs King

Can you win this endgame on the first try? It's not as easy as it looks! Whenever the enemy king is near the corner, you must be very wary of a possible stalemates. Sometimes you need to let go of some material to make progress! Think back on your basic king and pawn endgame training to remember that as long as you get the opposition, you can queen one of the pawns and you may not need both!

King vs King And Rook Pawn

Can you really draw one pawn down versus the mighty computer engine? Actually, yes, and quite easily! Race your king to corner and keep it and all will be well.

King And Two Pawns vs King: A File Apart

Can you win with only the pawns? Pawns that are separated by a file defend each other if used correctly. If Black threatens to take one of the pawns, ask yourself: How can I make it impossible for my opponent to take this pawn safely? With this in mind, bring your king up, and victory will soon be yours.

Bahr's Rule: A Typical Win

Where's the easy way to win the position? You will need to give up your g-pawn to gain time to take Black's pawn and promote on the queenside. However, you must make sure not to allow Black into the a8-corner in the process. You can only ensure this by advancing your a-pawn as far as possible before your opponent stops you.

Bahr's Rule: A Typical Draw

Now that you know how to win (you did win "Bahr's Rule: A Typical Win" right?), can you draw this endgame? Black wants to sacrifice the b-pawn to race over and grab your h-pawn. The right defensive strategy is to advance your h-pawn so that Black's time needed to promote after capturing your pawn is increased.

King And Pawn Endgame: Zugzwang

I know. You want to rush in, but you need to think things through. "zugzwang" describes a situation in which a player would rather not make any move. In fact, having the move leads to disaster. If you start with 1.Ke6 here, then Black will reply 1...Kc5, and you will have to abandon your pawn: you would be in zugzwang. Try to put Black in a similar situation.

King and Pawn Endgame: Triangulation 1

Do you know how to use triangulation? If you can pass the move to Black here with a triangular maneuver, then Black will have to let in your king.

King And Pawn Endgame: Outside Passer

Pay attention! Master this position against the engine, and you will be sure to win most pawn up endgames against mortals. The normal method in positions like this is to use your extra pawn to distract the enemy king. That will allow you to clean up on the kingside. Don't forget: the king is an attacking piece in the endgame!

King And Pawn Endgame: Active King

This drill will teach you everything you need to know about the active king! Infiltrate and drive black king into zugzwang. Some subtle moves will seal the deal.

King And Pawns vs King And Pawns: Active King

Patience is a virtue! Don't rush in too quickly here. Instead, extract the most from your active king's position before cashing in.

King And Pawn Endgame: Invasion 1

Win this endgame to master using an active king. First you must win Black's pawn. If you remember that the kings can never stand next to each other, this should be easy. Once you have won the pawn, be careful not to allow stalemate when making a queen.

King And Pawn Endgame: Invasion 2

You've got this active king thing down, right? Don't worry about the opposition here. You are so much more active than your opponent that you can force your way in and take all the pawns. The win is easy then.

King And Pawn Endgame: Shouldering

Advance the pawn, right! Eh... slow down a bit. To win this position, you must keep the black king as far away from the pawns as possible; otherwise, when you take Black's pawn, the enemy king will be within range to take your own. This means that you must use your king to shoulder the black king away. This takes priority over all other things.

King And Pawn Endgame: Shouldering 2

First, you must realize that Black is going to win the white pawn. Can you see why? Next, you must try to defend. Find the right path for your king.

King And Pawn Endgame: Timing

Warning: This is not quite as simple as it might seem, but I believe in you! You need to be very careful before pushing your h-pawn. Look ahead and make sure that you don't end up in a drawn king and pawn versus king position.

King And Pawn Endgame: Opposition

Do you know this famous endgame study?! It's a beautiful illustration of the power of the opposition in defense. If you have practiced the previous drills carefully, you should be able to find the right drawing idea.

King And Pawn Endgame: Opposition Master

Can you really draw this endgame?! Yes, but only if you know the opposition like the back of your hand!

King And Pawn Endgame: Opposition, Outflanking

Can you master this dance of kings and show that you have truly mastered king and pawn endgames? You do need to use the opposition here, but be careful about the file on which you seize it. Having the distant opposition on the e-file is of no value because your king cannot use the e5 square.

King And Pawn Endgame: Maintain The Opposition

Can you navigate this minefield??? If you can maintain the opposition (and watch the pawn breaks), White's extra pawn will not be enough to win.

King And Pawn Endgame: Horizontal Opposition

Just before this, you had to defend a similar position with the vertical. This position looks more dire as the black king has invaded. However, careful defense keeps the balance!

King And Pawn Endgame: Distant Opposition

Where to begin? Starting with 1.Ke4 would be a mistake, because 1...Ke6 gives Black the opposition, and you will be unable to make progress. Try to play in a more flexible way so that however your opponent responds, you will either be able to move directly towards one of the black pawns and win it; or else you'll be able to take the opposition and force Black's king to give way on the following move. Be careful not to allow a drawing counterattack!

King vs King And Pawn: Distant Opposition

Haven't you already lost the distant opposition? Well, yes... But Black can't keep it since the c5-square is occupied. Teach the engine this is a draw!

King And Pawn Endgame: Triangulation 2

Triangles: key to slicing pizzas, key to king and pawn endgames. The immediate 1.c6 does not work because Black can always draw after 1...Kc8. However, if it were Black's move in the initial position, Black would have to give way. Moving the king back would allow your own king in, while after 1...Ke7 2.c6 would now work. Therefore, you need to find a move to bring about the initial position, but pass the move to Black.