Hello all, I enjoy a good game of chess started when I was quite young left it for a while then came back to it on this excellent site. Interests and hobbies. 1.World population problems coupled with food shortage in the near future and the possible plan to solve this. 2.Experimentation on high altitude synthetic micro-biological spraying over populated areas and its ultimate purpose, 3.Locating and mapping underground developments currently being prepared, 4.Monitoring synthetic viral strains mutated enabling total resistance to all current anti-biotics,the source ? have a guess. Favourite compliments on this site,I am fortunate to have many,but the one that is what I consider my best is as follows," You have a daring,imaginitive style of play,which makes for nasty surprises for your opponents" (jeffroj51,October 2010.) Favourite dislikes running checks on suspect opponents for chess engine assistance. Favourite actors. Jack Nicholson,one of many roles for me was "The Joker" in Batman,the way he totally allowed the character he played to absorb him was fantastic,if there was ever a part made for an actor this was it,and if you ever read this Jack I would love to meet you and shake your hand for the many hours of film entertainment you have so brilliantly delivered. Favourite chess attack is likened to an arrow from a bowas it were ??.