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NOTA: Si algún Hispano no entiende lo que viene a continuación, envíeme un mensaje con sus dudas. Español es mi primer lenguaje.

My name is Carlos Pujol and I am a Chess Master from Cuba, now with almost 20 years of experience teaching kids, beginners and coaching advanced players. 



Those cheap prices are not designed to make me rich, just to make a decent living doing something I like, help people get better at chess. If you shop around, you will notice really high prices (some GMs, for example) and some not as high, but compared with my experience and chess strength, you will see low rated players charging the same or more for the same services I provide. You will reach the conclusion by yourself that I'm a smart investment. Your Choice.


Chess Teaching:

• 20 years of chess teaching experience to kids and teenagers (aged 7 to 16 years old). Havana, Cuba
• Village Chess Shop & NYC Chess as Chess coach and Club Player. New York, NY

• Worked as Chess Coach at Chess Emporium. Phoenix, AZ

• I got my own company (New York Chess Coach) since we decided to part our ways.


•Master of the Internacional Chess Federation (FIDE Master). Current Rating Elo: 2313 (best achievement: 2350)
•National Master of United States Chess Federation(USCF) rating: 2386

Chess Tournament results:

•1992, 1993, 1994, 1995: 1st place at Juvenile State Championship (Havana City)
•1994, 1995: Good results at 1st Category (Adults) State Championship
•1993: 2nd place at Juvenile National Championship
•1993: Obtains the National Master title
•1994: 5th place at Juvenile National Championship
•1995: 8-13th place at Juvenile National Championship
•1996, 1997, 1998, 2001: 1st-3rd places at 1st Category State Championship
•1996, 1997, 1998, 2001: Good results at 1st Category National Semifinals
•2004: 2nd place at 1st Category State Championship
•2004: 8th place at 1st Category National Semifinals (Classifying to the 1st Category Cuban Championship)
•2005: 1st Category Cuban Championship, 20th place

Other Studies:
• MFA in Cinematography; NYFA, Los Angeles, California. 2013-2014
• B.A in Media Communications, Major in Directing; Havana University 2002-2007
• Teaching Techniques, Hudson Community College; NJ, 2009
• Certified Spanish Teacher for New Jersey State; DOE, NJ

Languages: Spanish and English.