Miembro Diamante

I enjoyed chess in my youth with only a playful interest much like any hobby.  Years and years later after finding many more learned opponents, I picked up a book on Chess Strategy. 

The Complete Book of Chess Strategy by Jeremy Silman was my first written introduction to chess.  Although a beginner's guide, it was still overwhelming in detail for me.  I did not know that I did not know! It broke everything down concisely.  For example, I got the book at the turn of the Century but only started the brief section on the Slav Defense two years ago.  Just a page of material and the best detail on theory.

Chess4Him came from a group ("4Him") whose music I enjoyed around the same time I got Silman's book.  I committed Chess4Him as a way to honor my faith and life's principles analogous to chess, similar to Garry Kasparov's book, "How Life Imitates Chess".   Hence IMO, the first principle as in life is "Imitate the Bereans'".  Basically, become a lifetime student of study, learning and practicing.  Commit to understand, as if you were preparing to teach others.  Like Wack-a-mole, expect anything to happen.  Journal for clarity.  Identify, seek feedback and appreciate any misunderstandings and/or mistakes as a path to better understanding and a chance to improve a course of direction.  

Much regard