My name is Aryan Achuthan and I have a passion for chess and I started playing ever since I was 5 and now I am 13. I live in California and I have a USCF rating of 1564 and I am very active and play chess online everyday. I hope to play many good players and most people consider me around the 1700-1900 rated players and I have beaten many IM and CM and FM players on this website.happy.png I have also played a recent tournament and I have gotten 2.5/3, beating an 1800, 1700, and drawing against a 1585.It was an unlucky draw, I was up material but didnt see a last second trick making a draw. I am estimated to go up to uscf rating of around 1640. I am very excited and hope to go even further up the rating ladder. The position above was an unlucky draw I had against a 1690 in a uscf tournament. I sadly missed this brilliant tactic. I thought of just pushing my pawns but then boom, queen sacrifice to make stalemate.