Miembro Platino

Blitz Peak ongoing!

Just been muted for spam and unmuted 

I got 1702 bullet and blitz together now, cause I just kept playing 3 min and 1 min games, which are my specialty.

Now... its time to get my rapid 400 points up... so I'll have everything at 1701

I've gotten up 200 so far... 200 to go.

(and my puzzles rating down like 500 points to get to 1701)

As soon as my challenge with Viznik starts and ends.

Oh wait, @Viznik canceled the challenge cause he doesn't like playing rapid!

I approve of the Evan's Gambit, the Danish, the Queen's Gambit, the Falkbeer, and the Benko.

I don't approve of the Smith-Morra and the Englund, but I play them anyway and I get good results.

Here are some of my best games:

(Check my blogs for annotations and explanations on the games)

This is why I love the Evan's Gambit(w/Annotations):

Miniature Mayhem in the Smith-Morra:

A Single Queen against the Scotch:

Owen's Travelleling King:

The Art of Attack while Attacked:

Traxler Power:

Grobby Grubby Grobbity Grob(My first game in the Grob)

Brilliant Defenses against the Evan's
Remove the Defender:
Play Like Morphy:

You're still here? Well, then I have a surprise for you: Highlight right below this line!

Message me saying ChessssehC for 3 cheers! 

Okay, you did it?


Well, thanks for reading to the bottom of my bio!

It's being updated whenever I feel like it!

(I put no personal stuff here on purpose)