take an interest into chess. I want to get better at chess, so I like to do puzzles. I mainly get all of my knowledge from my humongous chess book. It has over 5,000 different puzzles to solve. I’m a mildly shy person on the internet and just anywhere. I also like the puzzles more than the actual game called chess. I’m a very sarcastic person in real life. And in my pfp, we have Philip! He is always shocked about what I have to say, and is really charming.Also I’m in only two clubs (when this was written). So if you want to invite me to one of the clubs you are in, go right ahead. And if you want to friend me, go right ahead. I will accept most-all of the requests. I’m not too strict about most of them. At least I don’t think so. And I have a positive attitude most of the time. An example could be, my opponent takes my queen, I won’t leave the game, you never know! You could win the match! Anyway, I own the line of horse? Whenever anybody says hey. It’s my line! Not yours! Anyway, I am improving verry fast, so don’t even try to stop me. I mostly do unrated, which is why my rating is so low. I can help you if you have depression, or if you are depressed. If you are, chat me! I might be able to help. Also, I make a blog post almost every day, so make sure to follow me if you want some posts! And lastly, I have a club! Here’s the link;
Here are 6 things to help you to get to know me better!

1. I play chess mostly for fun, and like playing the puzzles more than the game.

2. I’m a very smart person, being that I’m in advanced math, and advanced humanities (ELA and history)! So I would say I’m an above average human.

4. You might think that I’m just the average nerd. Glasses, with small noodle arms and legs, and I get bullied all the time. But in fact, none of these are true! I don’t wear glasses, I don’t have small noodle arms, and legs in fact, I’m even planning on doing track in the next coming year because of my amazing skill on endurance! And I don’t even get bullied at all! I’m actually waiting for someone to start so I can just ignore, them, and give them no reaction.

5. Trying to learn Russian, and I even currently have a Russian keyboard! Here’s one sentence I’ve learned in between these past three days. «Как ты» which means “How are you?”

6. I like writing stories, and I am even the first person to start writing chess stories on this site! If you want to read some of them, go check out some of my blogs! Most of them are there, and some are being planned for release! And I have also made the longest story I have ever made so far, it has 5,000 words and is an action packed, and detailed story! It’s title is “The Slayer.”

7. And finally, we have number seven. I have been told multiple times by friends, and some other friends, that I am a very nice, and entertaining person!  Some of the time they have even called me a very nice, and sarcastic person, too!

Anyway, I hope you all have a great day, enjoy my pfp, and background, and good  day, afternoon, or night to you! Bye! By the way, I skipped 3.