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I'm a retired Computer IT Engineer. Working again in Politics happy.png

With a BSEE degree from the 70s.

I love Chess and have played during my College years in the chess club. I played correspondence chess before the internet by mail. I have been playing online chess and vote chess online since the internet became popular. Thanks to all my computer friends:  Cheers all


I have been on for 5 years. I spend up to 14 hours a day on the site working in Clubs and helping the site. I'm SA and Admin in over 100+ groups and the Founder of the Admin Corner & Training Center. In this group we unite Admins and Site Representatives to help all members be successful Club Admins. We try to answer all admin questions or if we are not sure we will find the correct answer for you.

We offer training to all members on how to use V3 to manage your Clubs. All club Admins are Welcome and can join using this link:

I'm a member of - Live Chess Moderators, Site Moderators and assest in Help & Support.  If you need any site help with V2 or V3 feel free to message me. I will find your answers and get back to you.  If you have member issues or cheating problems then you need to send in a ticket to the address below so a staff member can address your concerns. Cheers and Thanks for being a member of