Miembro Diamante

Hi its me cricket. Fun fact I play chess. Here is this nice miniature I played on Lichess in a classical game once:

Here is a "perfect game" I played on Lichess:

And here is how I grinded LGP:

The King's Gambit is not a bad opening. Here is my favorite line, called the Allgaier Gambit, it is sooo dangerous!:

In my opinion Richard Réti was a very underestimated player, which many people do not even know about! He invented many systems after 1. Nf3 the most popular being of course the Réti Gambit:

This gambit leads to very fun games, which are solid but offer very good winning chances at the same time. Here is how Richard Réti defeated Akiba Rubinstein in amazing style using these systems:

Réti had one other super-amazing idea to play against the KID:

Réti used this system to beat the world champion at the time, Jose Raul Capablanca, for the first time in 8 years! Meaning that no one had ever beat Capablanca for 8 straight years! here is how it happened:

And now to finish my bio here is what Alexander Alekhine future world champion said about this game: "A sparkling conclusion!!", let us see it!:

thank you for reading my bio and have a good day!


"Chess is a fighting game which is purely intellectual and includes chance"

- Richard Réti