Hi, I'm a Detective from SKELD. I am most kind of a detective that Catches imposters in the airship. My hobby? I don't know...cause my hobby is a lot hobby's than usual...but my ambition is to become a GM. Feel free to challenge me. and you can request me to join one of your teams once you join mine:-
The Chess Refinery

I changed username from Monsterchip to Dark_Knight_50
RIP to chess friends @TCBofficial ,@Omshruti, @IrrationalGravity and @Sober-man

chessvariants.training:- Monsterchip


I love playing 4 chess alot - not yet tried? C'mon lets play
Play 4 Player Chess online on Chess.com!

I am REALLY good at bullet thus I have drawn a WCM in a lichess game