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Currently accepting new students. Contact me at dross58980@aol.com for any questions about studying chess together.

I have worked as a professional chess trainer for 40 years. I have coached many national, state, and provincial champions in the USA and Canada. I was a second to GM Spraggett during the Candidates match vs Yusupov in 1989. Admittedly, it was a long time ago, but I got a ringside seat to a level of chess very few coaches get to see!

I am a much better coach than player.

Best results:

· Canadian Zonal 1998 – 2nd Place

· Canadian Open 1984 – Co-Champion

· Memorial Day Classic Los Angeles 1982 – Winner (Tie break over GM Yasser Seirawan 5.5/6. Mercifully, there was no 7th round or he would have slaughtered me!)