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RIP @Goldenlion77 he was a great friend sad.png

When dates exceed the year 9999 

Rickdoptions in progress:

@EnergeticHay 1/10

@Phantom_Beast23 2/10

@Vinumonz555 1/10

SOme brawl stars jokes:









Bea's honeycoat in a nutshell:




Last one made by me, rest made by 

All active brawl stars players join. U can get promoted out of activeness, doesn't matter amount of trophies.

Username timeline:

@dev_the_pro (7/28/2020-8/9/2020)

@1g4_1-0 (8/9/2020-11/1/2020) (Most known for that username)

@grobandwins (11/1/2020-11/23/2020)

@brawlstars_beast64 (11/23/2020-1/1)

@son_of_the_bongcloud (1/1-PRESENT)

Shoutout to @2Ke21-0 for dat new username

Did you just curse at me because you lost? Oh, you reported me also.You can't even stand losing a game. I might get muted, or banned. But how will you feel? You will feel like the king, but the king of sore losers.  Copy and paste this if you are against people reporting you for no reason, because no one likes that.

Colby, are you that salty? You report people for no reason? They might get muted or banned, but look at how much hatred is against you. Copy and paste this if you are against Colby for reporting people for no reason and getting innocent people muted or banned.

Don't invite me to a club or else you will be blocked. If i see an auto join link, u will be reported also. I have club invites off

I like to play bullet, and love to play hyperbullet.

My highest bullet rating achievement:

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People Adopted

Ring-tailed_lemur (1 min bullet)

Athenathechesscub (1 min bullet)

@2kd21-0 (1 min bullet)

@Phantom_Beast23 (1 min bullet)

If you wanna play an adoptation match with me tell me in my notes

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here are my top 12 favorite clubs: 

This is this cat

This is is cat

This is how cat

this is to cat

this is waste cat

this is somebody's cat

this is precious cat

this is time cat

Now read the 3rd letter of each sentence that has "cat" in it

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