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Hello, I'm Ilija Stanojevic, a Candidate Master from Serbia. More than 4 years of coaching beginners in an earlier stage. The concept of my lessons is planned for at least 10 lessons. I will make a plan for how we will work after I see what is the most critical segment of your understanding of chess. That's the part that we are starting

🎯Feel free to check my website here for more details: Eleyah Coaching website

🎯In November 2023 I was coach of the month

Teaching Experience
-4 years of private lesson experience
-Simultaneous exhibition against 15 people
-Youtube channel 

Playing Experience

-Played more than 100 International tournaments
-Participate in European and World Youth Championships 


- More than 100 students worldwide
- The youngest one is 5 years old from US 

Some results from students:

+800                                           +400                                            +230



1 lesson = 50
10 Lessons = 400 € (20%off) + analyzing your games + additional files and homework (More benefits for long term students)
More details about pricing you can check here:

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Taras (Phoenix Chess Club winner)