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Hello! I have chosen YOU to join my club, Chess Bananas.

As you can see, this club has 1300 MEMBERS and we would like you to participate in the fun! Don't miss out!

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1. We have 1 tournament per day, keeping you exited and happy in the club.

2. We give out trophies every day! Getting lots of trophies will increase your club's members and you'll become popular, just like me.

3. We have lots of Daily Matched and Vote Chess! We have currently 40 different games with fair ratings and 23 vote chess games, which are open to everyone!

4. We give out memberships. Every time we get 250 more members,  @FaZe_Ninja2 gives out 3 DIAMOND MEMBERSHIPS!

5. We have lots of fun puzzles and daily tactics!

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