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If you wanna improve look no further!!

Languages: English/Urdu 

Coaching Method:

Depends on the level of play, period of engagement and interest of the student. However normally my coaching method will include:

a) Removing errors in the opening play

b) Making student aware of tactical play 

c) Making student aware of positional play

d) Making student aware of when to use tactics and when to use positional moves

e) Making student to play better endgame 

f) Playing games with student if student wants it

g) Deep analysis of the games of the student.

h) Analysis of my own games and explaining the thought process behind every move

Students Rating Improvement: 

                  +608                                         +358                                        +315

Objectives as a Coach:


The main objectives of Coaching will be to learn theoretical and practical parts of Calculation, practice them and get better at Calculation and eventually get better as a chess player. Because if you can conquer Calculation then you are very close to becoming a good chess player


Students must prepare themselves for serious Hard Work. Pay attention to this quote

"Instructions x Effort = Improvement !!"

 In short It Takes Two Hands to Clap, It means I can show you the best path and give you best guidance but You must walk on it, without Your Cooperation, improvement in chess is not possible

About Me:

Hello everyone. I am Yousuf Azeem Makhdoomi. A title holder and National Master from Pakistan. I started playing chess in the year of 2006


I have been coaching for 4 years now, I started my coaching career at the end of 2020.                     Since then I coached students from all over the world, such as USA, UK, Australia, Canada as well as from different countries in Europe and Asia

My Chess Tournament Journey :

a) 1 time under 18 national champion.

b) 2 times under 20 national champion.

c) Played Punjab Chess Championship in 2018 and manged to get in top 10 at that event and           hence I qualified for Pakistan National Chess Championship which was held later that year.

d)  At Pakistan National Chess Championship 2018 even after missing 1 round due to                        extraordinary circumstances I still managed to get in the top 8 and winning the National              Master title

Coaching Fee:

 There are three coaching packages which I offer

a) 10 Hours = 400 USD

b)   5 Hours = 250 USD

c)    1 Hour  =  80 USD

If anyone just wants to play games with me only, then the fee is going to be 50 US Dollars for full 1 hour of play

For further details dm me in my private message here at chess.com


For Reviews about my Coaching, look at the Notes below