My interest in Chess started with the World Chess Tournament 1n 1972 at Iceland between Bobby Fischer of USA and Boris Sparkssky of the Soviet Union.Initially, Chess appears to be an intricate, complex game between two individuals of different mind set, but if one delves into it with an open mind; then the chess openings,pitfalls, and swindles will very much be appreciated and treasured.Even GrandMasters can go wrong, as to err is divine. We all can enjoy a vicarious thrill and beauty in Chess as,'"THE MISTAKES ARE ALL THERE, WAITING TO BE MADE".Nowadays I play Chess often as I have the free time, and also chess takes my mind off my personal problems.Unfortunately, no one in my family plays or appreciate the beauty of Chess; so I have no one to share my joy and thrill, when from an unenviable position, managed to apply the "coup de grace" to my opponent.