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Hi I Am...

try to guess my name


too bad if you don't know my previous username.

very obvious right?
who is @Leoshi?


For how many integer values of $a$ does the equation $$x^2 + ax + 8a = 0$$ have integer solutions for $x$


More problems can be found here: Play Alcumus - Art of Problem Solving

answer to problem can be found here

if you really want, continue reading.

my favorite game:

try to guess the moves. hint: the result is draw.

wut is 1+1*2?

its 3




new! 100% accuracy for both sides.

consisting of only book moves

but this: white not 100%(99.7%) because not all book moves.

a game with only book moves can get 100%.

and this won't:






lol facts:

1. you are looking at a screen

2. you are alive

3. u might be tricked

4.  I skipped 3

5. you looked back

7. you found that I was wrong

8. you didn't see that I skipped 6

8. you looked back and saw I was right

9. I posted 2 eights

10. you saw I was right

11. I did it on purpose

12. you should join

14. you did not join if you aren't in it already.

14. you joined now to prove that I was wrong

15. I skipped 13, and doubled 14, and you found I was right.

15. you have reached the end of my lol facts. {LOL}

my possible profile pictures:


please click:

fun facts: (all true except maybe for 1 and 2)(all mentions of divisors means positive factors)

  1. another person is going to read this.
  2. you are addicted to this.
  3. a spider is going to win against an ant in single combat.
  4. a sperm whale is going to win against a giant squid in single combat.
  5. although a cheetah is a very fast animal, it wouldn't be able to outrun an antelope.
  6. more peregrine falcons live in the city than they do in the wild.
  7. some people actually dare to feed a hyena with their bare hands.
  8. 3-digit number with the most divisors: 840, with 32 divisors.
  9. 900(27 divisors) has more divisors than 600(24 divisors).
  10. 720(30 divisors) has more divisors than 960(28 divisors).
  11. the first number with more than 33 divisors is 1260(36 divisors).
  12. 1296(25 divisors) is 6 to the power of 4, but not so much divisors.
  13. 960 is divisible by 64.
  14. 360 has 24 divisors only.
  15. you have reached the end of my profile!!!