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GM janwerle

Jan Werle

Woerden, Países Bajos
Fecha de inscripción
26 ene. 2015
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hace 12 horas
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GM Jan Werle is a professional chess trainer, coach and author. In 2008 he became EU-champion in Liverpool and reached his peak rating of 2607. Hereafter finished his law studies obtaining two master law degrees (civil and commercial law) before he commenced with his job as a lawyer. 

However, his main passion, chess, prevailed and led to a comeback. He is, inter alia, giving chess lessons online to pupils worldwide, but also in schools. He enjoys to help and teach his students and to watch them improve. He combines the teaching with the playing of tournaments, keeping up his own level.

Jan likes to meet new people and see new places and he began travelling across the globe for chess tournaments at an early age. He has played in all age categories at the World & European Championships, coming 3rd (U16) in 2000 (beating Jakovenko) and in 2001 2nd (U18). He won several strong international open tournaments, such as the Essent Open in Hoogeveen (2007), the Oslo Open (2014) and Ortisei (2016).

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