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Personality: Spiritual, Intelligent, Energetic, Funny, Kind (Although if not for friends & personality quizzes - I'd have trouble accurately describing myself [however, these traits seem to recur]).

Hobbies: Golf, Billiards, strategy games like Stratego (yes, Chess too), drawing etc.

Favorite Music Genre: My favorite genre is either classical music, or rock & roll (not a common combination is it?). However, my favorite song may be Johann Strauss II 1858 (op. 214) Tritsch-Tratsch Polka

Favorite Movie: I do not really have one, but I prefer some of the old t.v. series - usually comedies - including while not limited to: Hogan's Heroes (1965), Get Smart ([1965 the original series that the movie was based off of]), McHale's Navy (1962) etc. 

Favorite Food: Is there just one? However, I tend to like carbohydrates (bread especially). My favorite food is likely a hispanic dessert called "pan de dulce", sometimes called "semitas" (It is basically a sugar-covered bread, essentially a big danish roll). 

Three surprising things, unless you know me: 

1) In addition to English, I know some Spanish. (Hence, if you talk to me in Spanish I will likely understand, and will try to communicate)

2) I am a surprisingly fast runner, but always trying to get faster. Perhaps it is from "The Flash", or "Sonic The Hedgehog" when I was younger.

3) Really good at voice impressions - yes I can impersonate Seto Kaiba really well, but I can also impersonate actors, anime characters, presidents etc. 

Despite the character Seto Kaiba being able to beat the world champion in chess, I have often been compared to Seto Kaiba (For several close quirks as well as looking like him). However, this site is my chance to improve at chess, not that much to be like a fictional character, but perhaps to follow Maslow's self-actualization.