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I changed my nationality, because, well, I am Japanese... Here is some kanji for you, have a nice day happy.png


あなたは翻訳者を使いました... 正しい?

グーグル翻訳 常に機能するとは限らない


I am not the real Lc0, and yes I got muted :/ So far looks perm or long-term... Oh well. :C

Waiting for support's email. 

It gets really annoying not being able to change my profile picture... I made a new one and can't switch it... ._. It's this, I made it in photoshop happy.png:

I'm bored. How about I list things you can and can't do while muted?


  1. Comment on forums
  2. Comment on articles
  3. Comment on blogs
  4. Comment on GM games (in the "explore" archives)
  5. Comment on lessons
  6. Comment on polls
  7. Comment on news
  8. Comment on puzzles
  9. Comment on openings in opening explorer
  10. Comment on finished daily games (in analysis)
  11. Comment on finished live games (in analysis)
  12. Comment on top chess player's pages 
  13. Comment on videos
  14. Make blogs
  15. Make forum posts
  16. Make notes on profiles
  17. Private message others
  18. Make notes in clubs
  19. Make news in clubs
  20. Make forums in clubs
  21. Write a comment when applying for a private club
  22. Comment in vote chess games
  23. Send friend requests
  24. Change profile picture
  25. Chat in live chess
  26. Chat in daily chess


  1. Private chats (sadly you can't do that on mobile)
  2. Commenting in club chats (unsure if this is a bug)
  3. Commenting on chessTV chats
  4. Editing status (currently not working)
  5. Editing profile description