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Hello everyone!

I am Leon Quin, a 15-year-old chess player. Feel free to message me any time or friend me. I will accept all friend requests unless something obvious is wrong (e.g. you swore at me, showed racism).

I am a Carnegie Hall pianist. Here's the link to many of my Youtube videos I uploaded for piano competitions. I have been invited to play at Carnegie Hall twice, and I will play there for the second time after COVID. 


I am better at slow games and 1-min bullet games. Yes, I was terrible at 3-min blitz, but I got a lot better now.

You are welcome to challenge me as long as you are a 1900+ in blitz, 2000+ in bullet, or 2000+ in rapid.

Also I allow challenges from 1800+ daily players.

I do not accept club invites. I just have too many of the clubs. It becomes a pain in the neck to check all those notifications. HOWEVER, I will accept club invites if you are my friend. I just hate being bombarded by random requests that come from nowhere.

No variants please.

CHECK OUT MY BLOGS! I have new ones almost every week!

Here's the link to my lessons! I publish them very frequently.


I would like to acknowledge @wannabegirl for making a logo for me.

Please follow and friend her! She can make you a logo if you want.

You are welcome to friend me. No racism or abuse. No spamming. Advertising is allowed, but not racism or spamming please.

Thank you! Have a nice day!