XXXTENTACION <3

He caused a “riot” He said people should “Look at me” But after the tragedy of “Jocelyn Flores” He made “changes” He wanted to “Take A Step Back” from the music but returned He used to say “F** love” , but then he changed his mind He wanted everyone to have “Hope” He knew people went through “Depression & obsession” He wanted “Revenge” against death, which took his friend away But he never got it, in reality all he actually wanted was “The remedy for a broken heart” He wanted to raise awareness for horrible causes,because if he didn’t the awareness would be “Going Down” He wanted people to be happy because he knew that “Everybody dies in their nightmares” ,so he wanted people to have happy dreams instead He wanted everyone to sleep peacefully under the “Moonlight” But now he is gone And we all feel “SAD” We also feel “BAD” because we Underestimated him He wanted to “Save Me” and everyone else Now he is our “Guardian Angel” Thank you XXXTENTACION, you made me and million others happy