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Swiftie fan profile. Don't look if you don't want to.

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Um... Okay (oops I just revealed something in my profile early, scroll down to see)

Switching to poetry music (by Taylor Swift again) folklore and evermore happy.png (here's a weird fact: While typing 'Switching' I typoed 'Swift'.)

Well... Taylor could make an equation using her songs!

Before the important stuff, this video is just so funny happy.png

I feel like this could be in the top charts if she released this officially.

My playlist:

Here are just some TS-related links I wanted to save, watch if you want, whatever.

I promise you, there are no rickroll links here. We don't support that.

(this one's real cute)

Best Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran moments together happy.png btw look at Ed's shirt, WHAT A COINCIDENCE

Oh my god study, it's good

Cute Taylor Cute Olivia


*laughing through pain*

And yea, now I hate Ellen

Taylor Swift once said... (part 1)

Taylor Swift once said... (part 2)


Oh hey

She really didn't jump

Cute cats


nice talking to a cat

I think for me...

ooh 60 minutes stuff


ME! cat sounds

LOLLLLL Kanye and Tay hilarious

Cat ladyyyyy


she never regrets writing songs of her exes

queen of revenge
Tay at 13 happy.png

Yes Taylor has an old crush

Taylor on getting Grammys

YBWM cheering in alter ego

Taylor's hairstyle

da middle finger for Tay-tay

shoe struggle

Singing her own songs in the shower?

No tattoos for her

So... Here are my favorite Taylor Swift ...聽(As of October 10th)

I. Albums

1. 1989 (Spotify Playlist Here)

2. Reputation (Spotify Playlist Here)

3. Lover (Spotify Playlist Here)

4. Speak Now (Spotify Playlist Here)

5. Fearless (Spotify Playlist Here) (Taylor's Version Here)

II. Songs

1. New Romantics

2. cardigan

3. Look What You Made Me Do

4. the last great american dynasty

5. I Know Places

6. I Knew You Were Trouble

7. London Boy

8. ...Ready For It?

9. End Game

10. the 1

11. Haunted

12. All Too Well

13. You Belong With Me

And many more! Every song of her is a masterpiece, I can't name them all happy.png

III. (Some of) Lyrics

1. 'The best people in life are free...'

2. 'And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate,'

3. 'People throw rocks at things that shine,'

4. 'When I was drowning, that's when I could finally breathe'

5. 'We're happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time'

I'll update my profile later! Cya for now grin.png You can't spell cats without TS