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Desde el 21 may. 2020 try the quiz, ok lets be honest out of hundreds of people, only maybe 20-40 people actually tried it... Feel free to drop a friend request, I accept all, unless you have a bad history on Thanks @NaomiJoyK for the profile pic!!! And go to this link - btw I'm a Pisces♓, I like pink, dogs and unicorns by the way! And, whenever you feel bored or lonely, feel free to chat with me!!! You can ask for trophies from me, I have plenty to give happy.png!!! @cutelittle thanks for talking to me when I'm bored!!! @Eternity_Punisher thanks for talking to me when I'm bored too! And @XxMeiXx1 thanks for including me in your profile uwu happy.png BULLYING? THINK YOU'RE SO COOL? THE GIRL YOU JUST CALLED FAT?... SHE IS OVERDOSING ON DIET PILLS. THE GIRL YOU JUST CALLED UGLY?... SHE SPENDS HOURS PUTTING MAKEUP AT HOME HOPING PEOPLE WILL LIKE HER. THE BOY YOU JUST TRIPPED?... HE IS ABUSED ENOUGH AT HOME. SEE THAT MAN WITH THE SCARS?... HE FOUGHT FOR HIS COUNTRY. THAT GUY YOU JUST MADE FUN OF FOR CRYING?... HIS MOTHER IS DYING. COPY AND PASTE THIS IF YOU'RE AGAINST BULLYING. I BET 95% OF YOU WONT COPY AND PASTE THIS, BUT I'M SURE THE PEOPLE WITH HEART AND BACKBONE WILL!   If you're reading this, here are somethings about me:

Age: 11

Fav color: Pink (you probably already knew that)

Fav animal: Unicorn

Fav Food: Pizza and anything sweet

Hobbies: Gymnastics and Dance💃

I love K-pop!!! - My Bias (Male)-Jungkook - BTS     My Bias (Female)-Jennie- BlackPink

And if you are STILL reading this look below🙂

You are loved and special, don't ever think different!

I know everyone has those bad days but hopefully by reading this I cheered you up, I've been there (a lot) and I know what it feels like...I'm here to talk if you need me🙂

I wish I could see everybody in person!!!

Hey! Today is a new day full of different choices, different opportunities and different emotions, it's your time to be yourself, don't be different or change for anyone!

this is this cat

this is is cat

this is how cat

this is to cat

this is entertain cat

this is an cat

this is idiot cat

this is for cat

this is forty cat

this is seconds cat.

Now read the third word in every sentence.

If you read till here, here is a code: 12345, PM me the code for a trophy!!! (Inspired by @Jia_Jia