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Hello! I’m Nathan! I am ok at chess I guess. Feel free to challenge me to a game when I’m online. I like blitz, usually 5|0, but i’ll do bullet and rapid sometimes too. I suck at daily but I will 100% accept any daily challenges, where unlike rapid and bullet (which, again, I only do SOMETIMES) Um, here is an “about me” thing. 

ALSO: Huge thanks to @Asmo2k, @KevinBorg, and @jdcannon for the memberships!

Media Info: @NathanMa17

ChessKid: @JadeWeirdPumpkin

Fortnite: NathanMa17

Roblox: FlameWolfTheSecond

NitroType: NathanMa17


Age: 12

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Animal: Wolf

Favorite Number: 17

Favorite video game: Minecraft/Fortnite

Favorite song: I’m Glad You Came by The Wanted

Favorite superhero: Iron Man

Favorite gaming console: Xbox One

Favorite City: Indianapolis*, London, or New York City

Adopted: @Komodo1


Hall of Fame:

@MainframeSupertasker - the nicest person I’ve ever met! If you get the chance, shower him with trophies. He deserves it!

@KevinBorg - also really nice, gave me a membership. He currently hates me right now because I called one of his friends a jerk, but he’s still a really nice guy. Also, I f you get a chance, please tell him to respond to me. He ignores me now, even though we used to get along so well.

@potato08 - really nice kid, but be warned: she goes crazy over potatoes.

Cool clubs:

My club —> Neo Atlantis