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My name is Bernard Anhwere from Ghana. I'm a civil engineer by profession and a chess player by habit.
I learnt to play chess at 16 (a little too late sad.png ) here on chess.com and i have since been playing.

I have a YouTube Channel i started with @bn1462.
Please support my YouTube Channel by subscribing. I promise to provide exciting stuff on a regular basis

My current goal is to reach 100 subscribers.

Feel free to check out my blog space. I'm working to provide more content regularly

Chess Achievements (So Far)

  • Tech (College) Champion [2013(tied for first place with @bn1462), 2016] Those were the only events held while I was in school
  • 1st Runner up, Kumasi Classics(2015) 2nd Runner up (2018)
  • 3rd Place National Championship, 2019 and Qualification to the National Team
  • 3rd place, KCC online invitational 2020