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 "He who has no attachments can really love others, for his love is pure and divine" - Lord Krishna

Last Updated: I forgot what day it is today...September 20, 2020? yea I think so...*shrugs*


Just don't click more...and pls don't report anybody who spams me (I let them lol u can 2 if ur my friend)

Wow, you are not curious? 🤨 Bye then... ur missing pressure here! 

Ok, so you did click on it. 😆😆

First, of all, you can call me Red or whatever you want. Just not anything rude or "whatever you want".😅

Now a little about me :

Well, I am an 11-year-old girl. 

I always try to make others happy and help out, it makes me happy. You need any help or just wanna talk, I am here for you! ( I am cringe-worthy lol) 

Most of my friends think I am the most "chilly". As in going with the flow and not get mad at people. But I can get frustrated, and burst. Doesn't usually happen so don't provoke me... 😂😂😂

I am a quite weird person. Warning you right now. Not my problem. But I am a very fun person to hang out with though.

I love joking around and messing with people whenever I can. So watch out! (I annoy people easily, so if I get on your nerve or annoy like crazy please forgive me!)

According to some people NO a lot of people, I am creative. Really, my brain thinks way differently.

I started playing chess in November 2019. Not long is it? Buuuut I am ok. I don't lose to everyone only most people. 😁

What else??

Ah yes, I love reading books. My favorite series is Keeper of the Lost Cities. This is life:

Also... *nervously laughing*

I really like Oreos and chocolate chip cookies and ice cream. But mostly Oreos. 😅

I looove spending time with my friends, family, and cousins. I mean who doesn't? Not me! 😂

Talking about friends, here are some I met:

@Unicorn_111...Ik u irl ur an amazing friend you're always there to help me, thnx!

@nickeldime518...OREOS! LET'S FIND SOME OREOS!! Ok, well thanks for talking to me and GIMME OREOS

@vijaypuliparazh...Thanks Anna, for answering all my weirdo questions lol, 

@Ruby_D, @KimJisooPeach, @Hobi_Mochi, @NainikaV, @JasonBourneAgent, @Blu883, @dominicparagua1, @Phantom8765, and more...and you know who you are if u want to be added just tell me! (can't go on all day can I?)

Thanks for just randomly talking to me and letting me join in your conversations. 😊😁🙃

Heads up for my amazing friends:  I will help however I can! Ur the best guys! 🤗

Also...I recently got into BTS, If you are bored go check out Dynamite...its really good! Aaand I would like any recommendations from K-Pop or anything in general! Thanks!

I got you super bored didn't I? Oooops...sorry! In general, I am NOT this boring. 

But there are some quotes below (like waaaaaaay down there) I found surfing the waves, sorry the web.😂😂🤣🤣 (told ya I like to joke around!)

Hey you! Ya, you! Stop looking around I am talking to you! Your sweet, kind person aren't you? Do me some favors:

Number "0": 

Number One: Whatever you do, don't do it with greed and ego but love and compassion. It will make the world tons better. You want to see that don't you?

Number Two: Do you mind friending me and talking to me? Cuz like I am sooo bored. I don't get why these hooman beings are closing their accounts or not being online?! 

Number Three: I forgot hehe...*an hour later* wait now I remember... Do whatever you do the way you want to do. Don't care about the person in front of you or behind you or the person right next to you. Anything could happen at any point. It's life, all unexpected. So do it while you can. Don't wait for the right moment cuz the moment is NOW! So go, go right now (after you read the rest =D) achieve your dreams before it's too late. Go do what you want to do right now before you say goodbye to this world.

Highlight the next line hehe! Or...ctrl "a" it XD

And if you got here PM me "I know how to read" for 2 trophies!

Adios Amigo! 


Okay, Okay that's it... Cyas byeee! 🤗