Lets see how much you know about meh. I dare YOU to CLICK MEH 

my CuTiE cLuB = https://www.chess.com/club/notes/rimis-friends-xd

Everyone is my bestie.

My best best and best friend is @Rimjhim_Rahman (she is a_ _ _ _ gurl ......lol *maybe good*)

my besties

@SHAHRIAR981 ( A Special Person For Meh...And very very very cute ,kind and good boi..UwUtongue.png)

@Avnieee ( Also a special person in mah life... she is a cute  bestie mah best friend no one can steal her from megrin.png)

@PrincessJuliet13 ( My first sis from Chess.com...but nowadays she is offlinetear.png)

@GMPraagu2003 ( He is my lovely brother.... Wish I could meet him happy.png)

@ChessWarrior_01 ( he is a sweet and kind guy ......and my new bestie happy.png)

@Ocean_Flow ( He is also my lovely brother.....but nowadays he is busysad.png)

@ADAM_PEATY ( He is a popular boi.... but my best friend grin.png)

@vihaan432 ( He thinks I hate him.... but i love him as a little brother tear.png)

@RedCuteBallet ( Very very good gurl and my great bestie.. but she don't know that happy.png)

@Sushanth1523 ( A cute boi nowadays offlinefrustrated.png)

@cherry_blossom ( she is so so so beautiful and kind wink.png)

@PiRiNCiR_PHERAiDay( He is a good student... and he likes to chat in notessurprise.png)

@Dhrubo_Bari ( He is really my nice bestie.... he thinks I'm a very kind lol wink.png)

@anandichatterjee ( A great sis..... and I like to chat with her.... lol...she's a good gurl happy.png)

@Alishaxyz (Don't know her very well...over all I can say she is good gurlhappy.png)

@khushisharma123 ( Yep She is very good and kind .... I like to call her "happy"wink.png

@Shalukthebest ( He is my First friend from Chess.com..... nowadays quite offline.. frustrated.png)

@Anonymous_Dragon ( I know him from a sis.... He is my good bro and nice friendhappy.png )

@RaufUsSabid7 ( He is Very funny lolgrin.png)

@i_killed_Cupids ( she hates cupids ..... and she loves to have my hand-made tea grin.png)

@dey_de ( One of mah best sissy but mah small sissy grin.png)

@Winner646 (Mah bestie UwU but a liar lol jk  UwUwink.png)(not a liar.. A goodie friend🙂)

@Dark_Bloody_Nights ( She is a good gurl.... and she likes to close her acc and create new onehappy.png)

@MindDestroyer19 ( A good friend and i wanna meet with his sisterhappy.png)

@Ishaan8279 (He wanted to be my bestie ... and he is a good boi wink.png)

@hxrshaa ( She is very good gurl.... sadly idk her real name lolhappy.pngfrustrated.png)

@Violett-Angele (She has a doll and she cares a lot about that doll......She is a good gurlwink.png )

@Swapnaja07 ( She is a good sis and very kind happy.png)

@SpringWonder ( She is also mah bestie......and mah sissy toowink.png)

@Hana_Yun ( She is a good gurl....I'm so happy that she is elder than mehappy.png

@vietnamguy2012 ( My great friend.... We like to singhappy.png)

@CCBommarito( She is a gud gurl ..she has a sister.... and they are twinshappy.png)

@shruthi_sriya (she is my new bestie .... UwU wink.png)

@Bid ( new bro.....also so good and i love his real name UwUwink.png)

@SmartGuy2021 ( He is crazy like us lol..... his most fav word is lolhappy.png)

WELL abt me 

I'm a Muslim gurl ,name Rimjhim U can call me Rimi 

AGE= SECRET (but my Bday is 26 October ....Coming soon lol)

Live in Bangladesh ( beautiful country)

hobbies = Drawing, playing chess, reading, many more things

umm I wanna be a computer engineer

I have two elder brothers and they are awesome they loves me so much and i love them so so so much

literally I love my family so much and my parents are too much caring

 (not mah drawing)

Eh.... I don't like doraemon but really i love that pic UwU