"My service spares my world and the one I love..." [The Silver Surfer, our noble - but fallen - hero, explains to Sue Storm why he serves Galactus, the evil destroyer of worlds.]. Context is important.

What gives your life meaning? No, really, think about that for a while. It's not a flippant question. Is it the things you do? Perhaps you define yourself by those things. But think about it: ultimately, what gives life your meaning? What gives meaning to Life? Be intellectually honest...

Talking chess? I admire Garry Kasparov's approach to chess: seizing the initiative as soon as possible (even at the cost of a pawn).

Life is too short for staid, boring chess (or bad coffee, cheap wine and non-Heineken beer)! Or intellectual dishonesty. Or shoddy grammar... wink.png

I'm happy to connect with like-minded people from around the globe.