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Professional at losing. Don't worry if you play me, because losing is the norm here.



I am a source of boundless positivity. I say "you played well" when I mated my opponent in under 20 moves. I don't tell people they look fat in that clothing because it might lower their self-esteem. I don't criticize people's work because it might hurt their feelings. I don't tell people what they should do after a tragedy, because I might come off as insensitive. I usually tell people "aww, it's ok" instead of helping them recover. I give out participation awards because everyone's a winner. I am never sarcastic nor do I imply anything in my writings.

No. No, I don't do any of that.


My list of Achievements (OUTDATED):

 -> I am BLOCKED by FOUR people!!!

@bobotheflyingbox @HomerSimpson @Woollysock @Gambitshift

 -> the ONLY person here who cannot brag about winning against titled players or high-rated players, because all my wins were from cheesing or were in bullet, and all bullet wins are cheeses in any case.

 -> Gotten trashed by a 1100 in a daily game

 -> Blundered an exchange against an 800 in a daily game

 -> Eaten an entire medium Domino's Pizza in one sitting

 -> Won against zero grandmasters

 -> Won against zero International masters

 -> Timed out a National Master in an OTB causal blitz

 -> Won against a FIDE CM in a 10|5 team match

 -> Timed out a WIM in bullet (but mrs. WIM was only a 1700 for some reason)

 -> Threw up multiple times eating mushrooms

 -> Pulled an all nighter at age 5 without knowing it

 ->  Was able to sleep on the car once

 -> Stayed up for 13 hours straight, 2 bathroom breaks playing Plants vs Zombies on a plane

 -> Skilled at Roblox Phantom Forces, but now that I have to play on trackpad really messes me up. I can still have decent results fortunately.

 -> Once did nothing all day except read

 -> lost who-knows-how-many winning positional grinds

 -> woke up in the middle of the night once and made some Ramen for myself 

 -> high score of 36 (!!) in flappy bird on the Ti-84 calculator

 -> Beat Pokemon blue on the Ti-84 calculator

 -> Beat Dry out and Stereo Madness on the Ti-84 calculator

 -> High score of 22,000+ in pac-man on the Ti-84 calculator

 -> 7th in a stacked Crazyhouse Arena, my rating went from 1300-1500

 -> 0-37 against @Hikaru-BOT

 -> Beat "Long Winding Road Mode" in Death Road to Canada on the second try!

 -> Played a two hundred and fifty bullet games in one day on trackpad. Dropped 70 points and got my finger burned!


My Repertoire:

White: move something

Black: move something

What, you thought I was gonna let you prep for me that easily? think again!


Strongk Statements From Me:

F̸̼̬̬͓̗͋́̕͝ļ̵̗͓̺͖̜͈͔̀̔͜å̸̞̕ṣ̷̱̪̙͈̦̮̞̘͋̓̅̓̈́̈͆̋͜͝h̵̨̤̲̪͎̠̤̪͓̣͎̳̤̾̀̚͜ͅl̸͔̦̰̂̃͑͌̔̉̈́͊̑̉̍͠ị̸̛̦͈͖̣̙̝̘̳̬͖͊͘ĝ̶̩̥̞͙̝̥̺͉̝̜̋͂̀̈̄̋ḩ̷̌́̓̀̐̊̕t̸̤͎̤͓́͝ ̵̝̩̦̳̌̐͑̐͑̄̎̿̾̔̌̿͊͠͝