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I'm 9 and i like chess. My name is Joseph and you can challenge me whenever you want! i go to tournaments and i like them too. Have a nice day.happy.png

p.s. i mostly accept unrated games i u like challenging me  but i accept rated bullet games

update: im 10 now happy.pnghappy.png  ))))))))))))

also i am muted can staff please unmute me

i was typing in a ccyc tournament chat saying: hello fellow scientific name of human being(i cant write it because i will get muted). after i pressed enter, it said: your account will be restricted if you dont follow the guidelines again blah blah blah... so, i said; my account was restricted because i said: scientific name for human. ( again i cant say it or else i will be restricted again) .  then i was muted for 60 minutes.  right now its past i think 60 minutes already and i still haven't been unmuted.  can you chess.com moderators please make me unmuted.  

just to confirm, is scientific name of a human a bad word or what?  my english isnt the best since i came from french emersion.  anyways, can i please get unmuted staff.

thanks for reading