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Apr 13, 2020


1. I don't join clubs anymore.

2. I don't play Daily Chess anymore.

Clubs which you should consider joining:-

1. Infinite ChessWe are looking for strong, brilliant and smart chess players like yourself! We play Team Matches, Vote Chess, Live Matches and also organize Live Chess Tournaments at a regular basis. We are also gonna have a World Cup soon which is quite different. Join the club to know more about it. Please don't advertise any other club in this club.

2. Perfect Pawns- Do you want to join a club where team matches, vote chess matches and live tournaments are made and played? This is THE club! Please do join. We will be grateful if you join. happy.png  Looking forward to meet you in the club! You have to remember 1 thing though: You can't advertise any clubs in this club, but we can give a 1 day offer a few times.

Adopted: (Won 10 games in a row against a particular person in a particular time control in a particular variant)

1. @ShaoniHiya

2. @flyinggmachine

3. @Attack_And_Destroy