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tactics.png I have been on for over 10 years now! I love this incredible site and it has been awesome watching it progress.

playhand.png I started playing chess over 18 years ago and had no idea the world I was getting into.  Looking back it has taken me places, led to meeting people, and helped me experience cultures that I would never have thought would happen through chess. That has become one of my favorite parts of chess, is that it brings together one of the most diverse groups of people in the entire world.

explorer.png My focus right now in chess is coaching others. I taught for a few years before I stopped teaching to focus on my own improvement but I have always had a love of teaching and sharing what I have learned with others. Coming back to teaching has really built my love for the game even more and been in all ways a great experience! 

trophies.png My best accomplishments include winning the Under-14 World Championship in 2012, winning the Under-21 US Championship in 2014, and achieving the title of Grandmaster in that same year. 

messages.png If you are interested in taking lessons please contact me here or email me at

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