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GM gmmoranda

Wojciech Moranda

Wroclaw, Puola
Viimeksi täällä
20 h sitten
3 186
Kannatusjäsen 8.8.2017 alkaen

Grandmaster since 2009, rated ci. 2600 in standard/rapid/blitz. Professional coach with more than 20 years of playing experience.

Poland’s TOP 7 player (December 2018) and FIDE TOP 100 in rapid chess (August 2018).

Multiple Polish Championships Medallist, Bronze Medallist at European Rapid Championships (Warsaw 2007) and of the Summer Universiade (Kazan 2013). Polish Blitz Champion (2017).

Represented Poland at many World and European Junior Championships. Winner of many Polish and international tournaments.

Member of top European teams from German (Schachfreunde Berlin), Belgian (Cercle d’Échecs Fontainois), Swedish (Visby Schackklubb) and Polish leagues (Wieża Pęgów). PRO Chess League 2019 Playoffs Qualifier with New York Marshalls!

Coach of the National Youth Chess Academy of the Polish Chess Federation (since 2012). Coach of the National Female Chess Team (2013).

Regular contributor for MAT – the most popular chess magazine in Poland. Co-author of the book „Akiba Rubinstein współcześnie” (eng. Contemporary look on Akiba Rubinstein).

Available for individual training. Specializing in opening preparation, strategy and calculation. Experienced in training amateurs, prodigies and professionals alike.

I can also teach you to play blindfold chess effortlessly <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKl-4UyWVN0&gt&gt; or even how to beat World Champions! <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s54II-zldks&gthappy.png

Available for lessons at 40 USD/h. Just PM me at the server or write to: wojciech.moranda@gmail.com.

Languages: English, German, Polish

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